At Waterfi, we believe that the electronics we use to enhance our daily lives should not be restricted to dry land. We've made peace between two worlds that have never gotten along - electronics and water. We believe you deserve the world's most durable waterproof technology and a stellar customer experience.

Free people to enjoy an active lifestyle through waterproof technology on a waterific planet


Since 2010, Waterfi has been working to bring people all around the world their favorite electronic gadgets underwater. After several years as an engineer developing products for various biotech firms in San Diego, Waterfi founder and president Royce Nicholas, discovered an idea that came to him where all good ideas occur - in the shower. With the desire to listen to music while showering, Royce created a unique waterproofing solution for the Apple iPod Shuffle. Motivated by the ability to free people's electronics from the boundaries of dry land, Royce launched Waterfi in August 2010 and began to expand his process to new electronic gadgets.

From Waterfi's launch, people have described the ability to combine beloved electronic devices with their favorite water activities as "addictive and compelling." A few companies offer water resistant seals and nano-coatings that quickly wear out and often fail. Waterfi is the only company in the world to offer a durable and completely internal waterproofing solution designed for frequent and prolonged exposure to water down to depths up to 210 feet underwater for a variety of electronics, including the iPod Shuffle and Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Blaze, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, and Apple Watch Sport. Waterfi products have been used for swimming, surfing, kiteboarding, diving, training for marathons, triathlons, and many other sweat, dirt, and water filled activities.

What started as one guy in an apartment is now a collection of nineteen creative and diverse people with a passion to continue creating that unique Waterfi experience for customers by cultivating their mission to free people to enjoy an active lifestyle through waterproof technology on a waterific planet.

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