• For 4th Generation iPod Shuffles
  • Completely waterproof down to 210 feet (IPX8 compliant)
  • No bulky cases needed, all waterproofing is inside the device
  • 1 year warranty fulfilled by Waterfi see details
Waterproofing Service is only available for domestic U.S. orders
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Introducing the Waterfi Swim Tracker


Our patent pending PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology applies a proprietary substance that fills the entire interior of the iPod Shuffle to form an insulating barrier around all of the sensitive electronic components. This barrier guards the device from exposure to threatening elements such as chlorine, salt water, sweat, heat, shock, and steam.

PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology eliminates every air pocket and imperfection, improves button feel, and ensures a consistent seal that protects the device down to 210 feet underwater. Learn more about Our Process

How the Waterproofing Service process works


Your Waterproofed iPod Shuffle is warranted by Waterfi against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, to the original recipient for one year beginning from the original date of purchase.
see details

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