Do you waterproof any products other than what you sell on your website?

Not currently, but we are always open to new ideas and suggestions on which devices to waterproof. If you have any suggestions, contact us and we'd love to chat.

How do I send my product in to be waterproofed?

Simply follow the instructions here.

How long does your waterproofing service take?

Once we receive your device, we will waterproof and send it back within two weeks.

Can you waterproof my Rose Gold, Silver, or 1st Edition Nike+ FuelBand?

Absolutely, our Waterproofing Service for the Nike+ FuelBand includes any of the Metaluxe and 1st Generation Nike+ FuelBands and FuelBand SE's.

Can you waterproof my Jawbone UP or UP24 if it's a different color than what you sell on your website?

Absolutely, our Waterproofing Service for the Jawbone UP and Jawbone UP24 includes any of the available colors, even if we don't stock them.

Is my warranty with Apple, Nike, Jawbone, or Amazon void once you waterproof my product?

Yes, all warranties with the original manufacturers are void once we have waterproofed the device. But have no fear! The one year warranty included in our Waterproofing Service covers much more than any of the original manufacturers. For more info see Warranties.

Should I purchase an already waterproofed version from your website or buy direct from Apple, Nike, Jawbone, or Amazon and send it in to your waterproofing service?

If the already waterproofed product you're wanting is available on our website, then purchasing directly from us is an easier and faster process. If you would like a different color or version other than what we currently offer, or already own the device you'd like to be waterproofed, then sending it in for our Waterproofing Service is the best bet.

I will be in San Diego, can I drop my product off for your waterproofing service?

Absolutely! We are open 9am-5pm PST Monday through Friday. Come visit us at 4593 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA 92120.