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4.2.2013 - Waterfi Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand

Waterproofing company takes the Nike+ FuelBand underwater San Diego, CA – No longer will swimmers be excluded from the fitness tracking trend. Waterfi, a San Diego based tech company, announced today that they have completely waterproofed the extremely succesful Nike+ FuelBand. Now swimmers, surfers, and triathletes can start racking up Nike Fuel points, even at depths up to 100 feet underwater.

The original Nike+ FuelBand was launched in February of 2012 to a large consumer demand and in turn, a short supply. A part of the wave of fitness quantifying trackers released in the last couple years, the Nike+ FuelBand separates itself from the pack by offering consumers measurement of their Nike Fuel score. The Fuel score is a clever idea from Nike that interprets movement in light of each persons unique body type, providing an easy way for friends to compare and compete regardless of physical build.

Waterfi, a company specializing in waterproofing normal, everyday gadgets such as Apple's iPod Shuffle saw the "water-resistant" Nike+ FuelBand and wanted to take it deeper. 100 feet deep underwater to be specific. Waterfi President Royce Nicholas explained "Waterfi is primarily about helping people improve their exercise and performance, specifically through waterproofing the devices they already love. The Nike+ FuelBand shouldn't be restricted to dry land. Not when so many of our friends are regularly in the pool and ocean."

The waterproofing process used by Waterfi is very unique and guarded. The devices are fully protected by a Dual Layer of Waterproofing. The first layer is a rubbery compound that fills all the nooks and crannies of the inside of the device, surrounding the electrical innards in a watertight cushion. The second layer is then applied to guard against corrosion and provide additional insulation of the electronics up to 40,000 volts.

Since 2010, Waterfi has been working to bring people all around the world their favorite electronic gadgets underwater. The company's stated mission: to free people to enjoy an active life through waterproof technology on a waterific planet.

Waterfi began when the founder, Royce Nicholas, created a unique waterproofing solution for the iPod shuffle from Apple. Royce showed it to some friends and began offering it online at various e-commerce sites. The feedback he received for that initial waterproofed iPod was extremely positive. The ability to combine beloved gadgets with water activities was described by some as "addictive and compelling." Soon Royce was working on perfecting the same process for other gadgets. As of now, Waterfi is still the only group in the world offering a complete waterproof solution for many products.

As more and more people have discovered Waterfi waterproofed electronics, more and more people have found themselves joining Royce. What started as 2 guys (1 full time, 1 part time) in an apartment is now about twenty people looking to continue the creation of that unique underwater Waterfi experience.