Is this an authentic Mighty?

Yes, we purchase the Mighty players straight from the manufacturer and then enhance each one on the inside with our solid waterproofing technology. Learn more about Our Process.

Are you affiliated with Mighty?

We are big fans of the company and their products but we are not affiliated with Mighty in any way.

How many songs does the Mighty hold?

The Mighty has 5GB of storage available for music which equals around 1000 standard length songs.

How long does the Mighty battery last when it's fully charged?

The rechargeable battery in the Mighty will last 5 hours of constant music playback when fully charged.

Can I use this without a Spotify Premium account?

In order to use the Mighty and listen to Spotify playlists offline a Spotify Premium account is required.

Can I load the Mighty with MP3's?

The Mighty exclusively works with Spotify playlists that are synced to it through the Mighty App. This saves you from having to purchase and own MP3's of the tunes you want to listen to and allows you to load any of the millions of songs from Spotify.

Do I need a Smartphone to use the Mighty?

You will need a smartphone to set up and use the Mighty and it's App. The Mighty is compatible with phones running iOS 9.3.5 and later or Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and later.

Does my phone need to be nearby to use the Mighty?

Not at all! The Mighty's best feature is that it allows you to enjoy all your favorite Spotify tunes without needing to be near your phone, a wifi connection, or mobile phone service. You will need a phone nearby to set up the Mighty and sync the playlists but aside from that you are free to take the Mighty wherever, completely untethered.

How do I set up my Mighty?

To set up your Waterproofed Mighty:

  1. Plug your Mighty in to charge, the LED light will turn green, and then turn white once fully booted.
  2. Download the Mighty App for iOS or for Android.
  3. Open the Mighty App and follow the prompts to create a Mighty Account.
  4. In the Mighty App, setup a Bluetooth connection to your device, the LED on your Mighty will turn blue and you can then tap the Play/Pause button to confirm that you would like to connect your Mighty to the App.
  5. Continue to follow the prompts in the App and connect your Mighty to your wifi network.
  6. The Mighty will not check to see if updates are available and download and apply if applicable.
  7. The last connection to set up is to add your Spotify account to the Mighty. Follow the prompts in the App to authorize the Mighty to use your Spotify Premium account.

Once you've setup your Mighty you can now use the Mighty App to sync Spotify playlists to your device to listen to wherever you'd like.

How do I charge the Mighty?

Using the included charging cable, plug one end of the charging cable in Mighty’s headphone jack and the other end into any USB outlet. Mighty’s LED will blink white while charging and will be solid white once fully charged. Mighty takes approximately 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 80% full and an additional 30 minutes to charge from 80% to 100% full.

How do I add Spotify playlists to the Mighty?

To add Spotify playlists to your Mighty:

  1. Plug your Mighty in to charge, the LED light will turn green, and then turn white once fully booted.
  2. Open the Mighty App on your smartphone and tap the tab near the top labeled "Your Music."
  3. Scroll down and tap the plus sign next to any playlists you would like to load to your Mighty and then tap the "Sync" button.
  4. While syncing the Mighty LED will rapidly blink green.

You're now ready to hit the pool with any of your favorite Spotify tunes.

How do I remove playlists from the Mighty?

To remove Spotify playlists from your Mighty:

  1. Plug your Mighty in to charge, the LED light will turn green, and then turn white once fully booted.
  2. Open the Mighty App on your smartphone and tap the tab near the top labeled "Mighty."
  3. Scroll down and when you find the playlist you would like to remove, swipe the playlist to the left revealing a trash icon. Tap the trash icon to remove the playlist from your Mighty.

There is no need to sync, the playlist is now removed from your Mighty.

How deep can I take my Waterproofed Mighty?

Your Waterproofed Mighty can be submerged down to 30 feet underwater for an unlimited amount of time.

Are there any special care instructions?

You can treat the Waterproofed Mighty like any other piece of swim gear. Rinse it off with fresh water after use and make your it is stored somewhere where it can completely dry out between uses.

Can I take my Waterproofed Mighty in a hot tub, sauna, steam room, bathtub etc.?

Absolutely. The Mighty is completely ready to go and bring your Spotify playlists to any of those waterific spots.

What do the lights on the Mighty mean?

  • Solid Green - Mighty is turning on
    Blinking Green - Mighty is on and ready
    Quickly Blinking Green - Mighty is syncing playlists
  • Solid Orange - Mighty is turning off
    Blinking Orange - Mighty's battery is below 20%
  • Blinking Blue - The Mighty App is attempting pair with yout Mighty. Tap the Play/Pause button to confirm pairing
  • Solid White - Mighty is fully charged
    Blinking White - Mighty is charging

The Mighty seems to be completely dead?

Often times there is a few things that will reawaken the Mighty:

  • Plug the Mighty into a USB outlet to recharge the Mighty. The battery life of the Mighty is about 5 hours of music playback, 48 hours on sleep mode or 30 days while powered down.
  • Be sure the headphone jack is clear of debris while the Mighty is plugged in to ensure a good connection.
  • Reset the Mighty by pushing and holding the Play/Pause button for 9 seconds until the LED goes to solid green (or solid white if plugged in).

If none of those things work. Be sure to contact us.

I receive a "Spotify Login Failed" alert when I play music on the Mighty

You may need to reconnect the Mighty to your Spotify account.

  1. Turn on your Mighty, open the Mighty App and ensure the Mighty is connected to WiFi and Bluetooth.
  2. Inside the Mighty App, logout of your Spotify account.
  3. Once fully logged out, log back into your Spotify account in the Mighty App.
  4. Check and see if the music is once again working.
  5. If not, re-open the Mighty App and on the Mighty tab tap the "Refresh the playlists on your Mighty" button.

If none of those things work. Be sure to contact us.

Setting up your Mighty