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4.18.2013 - Waterfi Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite

Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite Finally Makes Reading in the Bath a Reality San Diego, CA - The world used to be a stressful place where books and water were enemies and Jacuzzis were the battlefield. Thankfully, a peace accord has been struck and taking your favorite novel to a candlelit bath can finally live up to the utopian dream with the new Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite by San Diego based company Waterfi.

The Kindle Paperwhite is the latest e-reader released by Amazon in the popular Kindle line. The Paperwhite is unique from previous iterations of the Kindle as it is equipped with an adjustable front-lit screen. Amazon spent over 3 years developing the technology for the Paperwhite screen to provide an even distribution of light over the entire reading surface. The Kindle Paperwhite includes 2GB of storage, which is space enough to hold up to 1,100 average length books. Amazon has taken the lead in the e-reader world by creating a library of millions of books available for the Kindle, including 180,000 books that are Kindle exclusive titles.

Kindle-readers have enjoyed the ease of portability provided by the Kindle, but as with most electronics, have shied away from confidently taking the Kindle along to places where it could experience possible moisture damage. Readers would have to forgo their Kindle in places such as the beach, the pool, the kitchen, the bathing room, and would even have to leave the Kindle at home on rainy days and carefully limit use by spill-prone children. Waterfi's waterproofing saves the Kindle Paperwhite in all of these situations and makes it possible to clean with soap and water, should it be used during a messy lunch or by children of any age.

Waterfi has treated the Kindle Paperwhite with what is described as a patent pending waterproofing technique developed over the last 4 years by Waterfi President Royce Nicholas. He describes the process as "A Dual Layer of protection and insulation from water, sweat, sand, corrosion, and other environmental threats." The first layer is a unique rubbery compound on the inside of the device, filling every crack and crevice to surround the electrical innards in a watertight cushion. The second layer is then applied for added corrosion-proofing and to strengthen the electrical insulation up to 40,000 volts.

Waterfi was founded in 2010 to free popular gadgets from liquid-related constraints and allow them to be included in everyday active lives. The company's stated mission: to free people to enjoy an active life through waterproof technology on a waterific planet.

Waterfi began when founder Royce Nicholas created a unique waterproofing solution for the Apple iPod Shuffle. Royce showed the Waterproofed iPod to a select group of friends and began to offer it online at various e-commerce sites. The feedback he received for that initial waterproofed iPod Shufle was extremely positive and he soon began to expand that process to other gadgets. The ability to combine beloved electronic devices with water activities has been described by some as "addictive and compelling." As of now, Waterfi is still the only company in the world offering a complete waterproofing solution for a variety of electronics, including the Nike+ FuelBand and now the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.