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9.27.2013 - Waterfi Waterproofed Jawbone UP

Whether you're swimming laps, jogging around the lake on a weekend or competing in a triathlon, you want to think about your workout not whether your gear's working. Thanks to the all-new waterproof Jawbone UP from Waterfi, the expert in waterproof sports technology, athletes can now workout, shower and swim worry free.

"Our new waterproofed Jawbone UP can take anything the weather, environment or our customers' active lifestyles throw at it," says Gabe Hagstrom, Communications Specialist, Waterfi. "While the Waterfi Waterproofed Jawbone UP looks identical to a factory bought band, its performance definitely does not. You can sweat more, swim longer, dive deeper, kayak, stand in a rainstorm or just simply shower wearing it. All without losing any vital workout data."

The Waterfi Jawbone UP also tracks customers' daily steps, distance and calories burned as well as gives insights into times of rest and sleep, seamlessly tracking activity, sleep and diet. Custom programming inspires users to be more active with features such as vibration whenever the device has been sitting idle for too long. The integral smart alarm can be activated to choose the optimal moment in a sleep cycle to wake up, helping the Jawbone UP wearer start their day refreshed and ready to go.

Designed for regular, active exposure to the water, the interior of the Waterfi Jawbone UP has been completely insulated to form a barrier around all sensitive electronic components. Waterfi's waterproofing technology uses a patent pending, process to make electronics permanently waterproof. The process eliminates every air pocket and imperfection that could cause the waterproofing to fail over time. Completely waterproof down to 210 feet, with a rechargeable battery life of ten days and easily synced to iOS or Android mobile devices, the Waterfi Jawbone UP is a must-have accessory for anyone committed to living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Waterfi was founded in 2010 to free popular gadgets from liquid-related constraints and allow them to be included in everyday active lives. The company's stated mission: to free people to enjoy an active life through waterproof technology on a waterific planet.

Waterfi began when founder Royce Nicholas created a unique waterproofing solution for the Apple iPod Shuffle. Royce showed the Waterproofed iPod to a select group of friends and began to offer it online at various e-commerce sites. The feedback he received for that initial waterproofed iPod Shufle was extremely positive and he soon began to expand that process to other gadgets. The ability to combine beloved electronic devices with water activities has been described by some as "addictive and compelling." As of now, Waterfi is still the only company in the world offering a complete waterproofing solution for a variety of electronics, including the Nike+ FuelBand and now the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.