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Waterfi Launches Their Latest Product: The Waterproofed Fitbit Blaze
Waterproof electronic company adds exciting new waterproofed fitness tracker to their offering

San Diego, California: Waterfi is looking to help you take your water-centric fitness routine to the next level by launching their latest waterproofed fitness tracker- the Waterproofed Fitbit Blaze. Currently offering the Fitbit Flex, Alta, and Charge HR, this is the first Waterproofed Fitbit with a hi-res color touchscreen. This also the first Fitbit to enjoy the latest FitStar integration that provides the user with an on-screen step by step workout guide. With both beauty and brains, the Waterproofed Fitbit Blaze is an asset to anyone’s fitness routine in and out of the water.

“I’m really excited to start waterproofing the Fitbit Blaze,” Says Waterfi’s Production Manager, Miguel Monteon. “The watch has so many great features but the FitStar workouts are especially my favorite. Doing the 5 minute abs or the 7 minute cardio routines allowed me to try something new that changed up my normal routine and introduced me to new exercises that I never thought of trying before.”

In addition to providing on-screen workouts, the Waterproofed Fitbit Blaze tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and sleep quality. It also offers a range of unique features including constant heart rate monitoring, automatic exercise tracking with SmartTrack ™, connected GPS, music control, plus call, text, and calendar notifications.

Thanks to Waterfi’s latest Platinum X waterproofing technology, the Waterproofed FitBit Blaze has been enhanced on the inside to be waterproof down to 25 feet indefinitely. Waterfi’s patent pending PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology meets IPX8 standards and applies a proprietary substance that completely protects the device and forms an insulating barrier around all of the sensitive electronics. This barrier guards the device from exposure to threatening elements such as chlorine, salt water, sweat, and shock and ensures a consistent seal that protects the device for prolonged continuous use underwater.

Waterfi was founded in 2010 to free popular gadgets from liquid-related constraints and allow them to be included in everyday active lives. The company's stated mission: to free people to enjoy an active life through waterproof technology on a waterific planet.

Waterfi began when founder Royce Nicholas created a unique waterproofing solution for the Apple iPod Shuffle. Royce showed the Waterproofed iPod to a select group of friends and began to offer it online at various e-commerce sites. The feedback he received for that initial waterproofed iPod Shuffle was extremely positive and he soon began to expand that process to other gadgets. The ability to combine beloved electronic devices with water activities has been described as "addictive and compelling." As of now,Waterfi is the only company in the world to offer a durable and completely internal waterproofing solution designed for frequent and prolonged exposure to water down to depths of 210 feet underwater for a variety of electronics, including the Apple Watch, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Charge HR, and Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.