• Waterproof down to 30 feet underwater
    (IPX8 compliant)
  • Effortlessly track steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep
  • Vibration alerts for calls, text, alarms, and reminders to move
  • Rechargeable battery life of 20 days
    (dependant on use)
  • 1 year warranty fulfilled by Waterfi see details


Introducing the Waterfi Swim Tracker


Fully submerge your Mi Band 2 down to 30 feet underwater. Enhanced with our long lasting PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology you can track your fitness anywhere. Our Process


The Mi Band 2 tracks all the essentials -- steps, distance, sleep, and calories burned. On top of that it also lets you check your heart rate, receive alerts and notifications from your phone, and track your daily walk or run through the Mi Fit app. Our favorite feature is battery that powers all this and can go 20 days before needing to be recharged

Mi Band 2 Front View


Quickly check your stats on the bright OLED screen by simply lifting your arm or brushing your finger over the bottom of the screen. A smooth and soft band keeps the tracker secure and can also be swapped out for a variety of colors and designs.

Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Tracking


See you progress in real time and compare throughout weeks and months for steps, sleep and heart. Track a run in real time using your phones GPS and the Mi Band 2’s heart monitor for a precise record of your workout. Passes along relevant stats to Apple Health or Google Fit for additional insights.

Mi Fit App


Is this a Fitbit?
The Mi Band 2 is created by popular consumer electronics company Xiaomi and while it is a fantastic fitness tracker, is not affiliated with Fitbit.

Who is Mi?
Based out of China, Xiaomi (or Mi for short) is the 3rd largest creator of consumer electronics behind Apple and Samsung. A young company that started with phones and has expanded to fitness trackers, laptops, TV’s, cameras and more.

Who is this tracker for?
Anyone looking for a simple way to track steps and make progress towards an overall healthier life.

Does it track my swimming?
The Mi Band 2 really shines tracking steps, calories, sleep and monitoring your heart. Once waterproofed you no longer have to worry about removing it when swimming, surfing, showering, or any other h2o filled activity you may get into. The band does not specifically track swim stats or swim distance. For a more swimcentric device check out our SwimQ Swim Tracker.


Your Waterproofed Mi Band 2 is warranted by Waterfi against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, to the original recipient for one year beginning from the original date of purchase. see details


What's included with your Waterproofed Mi Band 2

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