Return Policy

We offer a no risk, 30 day money back return policy for items in like new condition (to be determined at our discretion). If there is significant damage to the item, accessories or original packaging rendering the product non-saleable, Waterfi® reserves the right to refuse return. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Please be aware you are responsible for any possible custom, taxes or duties that may be incedental of importing into your country.

Please contact us for return instructions. We promptly respond to emails within 1-2 business days.

Warranty Policy

Your product is warranted by Waterfi against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use, to the original purchaser, obtained from Waterfi or an authorized reseller, for the specified period beginning from the original date of purchase. See Warranty Periods by Product below.

Waterfi is not responsible for normal wear and tear, including external and accidental damage caused by abuse, tampering, unauthorized repairs, modification, misuse, misapplication, or other causes which are not defects in materials or workmanship. If your product is determined to have a manufacturing defect within the specified warranty period, Waterfi will repair or replace the product parts at no charge to the customer. Any product replaced may be replaced with a refurbished unit. Waterfi reserves the right to substitute a different color if necessary. Waterfi reserves the right to substitute a comparable product if necessary. No personalizations or media will be transferred to the new unit. The repaired or replacement unit will be returned to the customer via Fedex or standard U.S. Mail at Waterfi's expense. All shipping and handling expenses incurred to the customer for sending the defective unit into Waterfi are the responsibility of the customer.

If Waterfi determines that any external damage, such as a broken screen, is the cause of a failure in the waterproofing process, Waterfi reserves the right to void the product's warranty. In such cases where the warranty has been voided, customers may purchase a replacement unit at a discounted price that will be determined by Waterfi at the time of the claim. If the unit is found to be outside of the warranty period, Waterfi reserves the right to return said unit at the customers expense.

All other third party accessories are NOT covered by Waterfi. Any warranty issues must be directed to the products original manufacturer.

Warranty Periods By Product

Two (2) years from original date of purchase

  • Waterproofed iPod Shuffle (purchased prior to July 31, 2017)
  • Waterproofed 7th Generation iPod Nano (purchased prior to May 1, 2013)
  • Waterproofed Nike+ Fuelband (purchased prior to May 1, 2013)
  • Waterfi Waterproofed - Kindle Paperwhite (Aftermarket Treated) (purchased prior to May 1, 2013)
One (1) year from original date of purchase
  • Waterproofed iPod Shuffle (purchased after July 31, 2017)
  • Apple Watch Music Swim Kit
  • Waterfi Waterproof MP3 Player
  • Waterproofed Mighty
  • Waterfi Swim Tracker
  • Waterfi SwimQ
  • Waterfi SwimActive Headphones
  • Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones
  • Waterproofing Service
  • Waterproofed 1st Generation Kindle Paperwhite
  • Waterproofed 2nd Generation Kindle Paperwhite
  • Waterproof Apple Watch
  • Waterproofed Fitbit Blaze
  • Waterproofed Fitbit Charge 2
  • Waterproofed Fitbit Charge HR
  • Waterproofed Fitbit Alta HR
  • Waterproofed Fitbit Alta
  • Waterproofed Mi Band 2
  • Waterproofed Fitbit Flex
  • Waterproofed Jawbone UP24
  • Waterproofed Jawbone UP
  • Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand
  • Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE
  • Waterproofed 6th Generation iPod Nano
  • Waterproofed 7th Generation iPod Nano
Six (6) months from original date of purchase
  • Refurbished Waterproofed iPod Shuffle
  • Refurbished Waterfi Waterproofed - Kindle Paperwhite (Aftermarket Treated)
  • Refurbished Waterproofed Apple Watch
  • Refurbished Waterproofed Fitbit Charge HR
  • Refurbished Waterproofed Fitbit Flex
  • Refurbished Waterproofed Nike+ Fuelband SE

*Waterfi Mystery Boxes are sold as is. No warranties, exchanges, or returns.

Hardware products purchased prior to November 6, 2012 are still covered under the one (1) year warranty which was offered at that time of purchase. All other terms and conditions mentioned in the warranty policy above apply.

Please contact us for warranty claim instructions.