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Is SwimQ Waterproof?

Yes, we designed SwimQ to be in the water day in and day out. Using our unique manufacturing process, we completely seal and surround all the components creating a device that is as comfortable in the water as it is on land.

Can I use SwimQ without an iOS device?

SwimQ requires the Waterfi App in order to be fully enjoyed, and currently the Waterfi App is only available for iOS devices running version 7 and higher. (iPhone 5 and higher, iPod touch 5th Gen and later, iPad 4th Gen and later, iPad Air, and both iPad mini models.)

Does SwimQ track my laps?

SwimQ audibly guides you through the swim workout you choose and will track the laps as they line up with the designed workout.

What else does SwimQ track?

SwimQ will track your workout time, set times, pace, total distance and total time swam with SwimQ.

How do I get more swim workouts?

The Waterfi App has launched with a wide variety of workouts that focus on endurance, sprints, and overall fitness. As we gather feedback regarding what additional types of workouts swimmers would enjoy our Swim Coaches will create and update the App with those workouts. To give feedback about a workout type or idea you'd like included send our Coaches a message at feedback@waterfi.com.

Can I make my own workouts?

We're excited to explore these dynamic audio workouts with swimmers everywhere, and eventually we do hope to enable SwimQ's everywhere to work with their swimmer to allow custom workouts to be loaded.

Where can I find the SwimQ Manual?

You can view and download the SwimQ Manual by heading to this link here.

How do I setup my Waterfi SwimQ?

  1. Visit waterfi.com/setup and download the Waterfi App.
  2. Power on your SwimQ by pushing and holding the POWER button for 3 seconds
  3. Open the Waterfi App on your iOS device and follow the prompts.

How should I wear SwimQ?

The ideal placement for is under the goggle strap, at the base of your head, centered on the back of your head. If you're using goggles with two straps, place it under the lower strap.

What do the different lights on my SwimQ mean?

  • Green - SwimQ is on
  • Red - SwimQ has 45 minutes of battery left
  • Blue - SwimQ is talking to the Waterfi App
  • Blinking - SwimQ is in the middle of a Swim workout
  • Double Blink - SwimQ is paused

How can I see my swim stats?

After swimming, be sure to sync with the Waterfi App by tapping SYNC DATA in the "History" area of the app. After has synced it's workout data, you can then tap SEE DETAILS on any of your workouts to see a more detailed report of how your swim went.

How do I charge my SwimQ?

Plug the included USB charging cord into the Charging/Aux port of and plug into a wall charger or powered USB port of a computer. takes 90 minutes to fully charge.

How long does my SwimQ's battery last when fully charged?

has a battery that will last up to 4.5 hours of swim time, and over a week of standby time per charge.

Are there any special care instructions?

The Waterfi SwimQ is durably built with swimmers in mind! Take the same care you would with goggles, or a swim cap. Keep it in a ventilated area and rinse with fresh water after use.

How do I use my Waterproofed iPod Shuffle with my SwimQ?

has a unique feature built with the Waterfi community in mind! Using the included AUX cable plug your iPod shuffle into the Charging/AUX port of the SwimQ and you can listen to any of the music, podcasts and audiobooks on that shuffle while you enjoy your SwimQ workout. The Waterfi Waterproofed iPod Shuffle is not included with , it is sold seperately.

My SwimQ won’t charge.

If you are having difficulties charging the device please follow these instructions:

  • Make sure the charging cable is plugged all the way into the charging port. This port is marked with a plug symbol.
  • Check that all ports are free of debris.
  • Make sure SwimQ is completely turned off (no light is on).
  • If your device is completely dead please allow 30 minutes for the charging light to come on.
  • If the device is still not charging try unplugging and replugging the charger cable back in.
  • Make sure that the charging cable is plugged into a powered USB, such as a running computer, or a wall outlet.
  • If your device light is green and fully charged and you unplug and plug it back in the light will show red. Please allow 2 minutes lag time for the device to re-recognize the charger and turn green again.

How do I restart a workout?

To restart your workout in the pool power your SwimQ all the way down and turn it back on. This should bring you back to the beginning of your workout.

SwimQ will not connect to the Waterfi App.

If your SwimQ will not connect to the Waterfi App:

  • Make sure your iOS device’s Bluetooth is enabled (Go to Settings Bluetooth Toggle On (button will turn green).
  • If your Bluetooth was already on, try restarting your SwimQ and reconnecting to the Waterfi App.

SwimQ is not recognizing my turns and lengths correctly.

Be sure to try the following to ensure SwimQ is setup for the most accurate readings:

  • Position SwimQ at the center of the base of your head when swimming and be sure the charging port is on the bottom.
  • Start your SwimQ workout while in the pool and end it after your last lap so SwimQ does not try to track too much dry land movement.

My swim data will not sync with the Waterfi app. Or My workout data will not sync with app.

If you are having trouble syncing your workout data to or from your Waterfi App try the following:

  • Close down and restart your Waterfi App. To do this:
    1. Double click the home button so a list of your apps that are open appear.
    2. Swipe the Waterfi App window up to close out of it.
    3. Tap on the Waterfi App icon to reopen.
  • Restart your SwimQ device.
  • Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your iOS device.
  • Double check your SwimQ device is connected to the Waterfi App.
  • Try to sync your workouts from device again.