"I have been using this for several months and absolutely love it! Water workouts can be so boring - having my favorite music really keeps me energized."

"I can't imagine swimming without my music ever again."

"Have had it for over 1 year now and it works like new. Wouldn't be without it."

"I bought a Waterfi Shuffle and it is fantastic, hasn't even hiccuped on me and I have run through rain storms, mud. Even clipping it to my hat, which generally is drenched, it is solid."

"Super easy to use, works just as advertised, and kept me from losing my mind on long swims. When my wife was in the late stages of her pregnancy she would spend a lot of time floating in the exercise pool at our gym, and would take this iPod and listen to audiobooks. This thing's great."

"Highly recommended. Great way to get through those long workouts!"

"This is one of the coolest things out there. I have had my Waterfi Shuffle for over six months now, I use it 3 times a week in the pool and it still works great! Everyone who sees it wants to know where I got, and I always tell them what a great product this is! You can't go wrong!"

"Good luck to all of you swimmers, if you go this route, you'll be wondering how you ever swam without the music in the past."

"I got the 4G iPod waterproof Shuffle for swimming laps this summer, and I love it! I highly recommend it to other water sport enthusiasts who want music in their ears!"

"Before, I'd get bored after 20 minutes in the water. But now, with the Waterfi iPod, I am swimming for about 40-45 minutes each time, because swimming is no longer boring!"

"I absolutely love this item. I swim 4-5 times a week for an hour. The iPod is easy to manipulate while I am swimming and the music sounds great."

"Being able to listen to music while swimming laps has totally transformed my workout. I remain motivated and stronger throughout my workout. I highly recommend this product for those that swim laps."

"I'm pretty particular about the quality of sound an mp3 player brings but I'd say that the Waterfi {Shuffle} is superb for something that works underwater. The sound is crisp and the bass is enough for you to enjoy your favorite tunes several feet underwater. This product has been a lifesaver for me because now I can enjoy my music while swimming. Going for a swim is more fun than it has ever been."