Waterfi's PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology is a patent pending, comprehensive process that completely waterproofs and corrosionproofs electronics.

PlatinumX Process


Our patent pending PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology applies a proprietary substance that completely protects the device and forms an insulating barrier around all of the sensitive electronics. This barrier guards the device from exposure to threatening elements such as chlorine, salt water, sweat, and shock.

PlatinumX Waterproofing Technology eliminates all vulnerabilities and imperfections, improves button feel, and ensures a consistent seal that protects the device for prolonged continuous use underwater.

Our waterproofed electronics meet IPX8 waterproofing standards and are now even more durable, secure, and longer lasting than ever before. Water cannot harm the electronics inside and you never have to worry about using the device the wrong way.



Empty space inside the device leaves the electronics exposed to potential environmental threats and water damage. Since most casings and coatings are not designed to completely protect the interior components, water eventually makes its way inside the device and short circuits the vital electronics.


Most waterproof cases protect electronics from exposure to water by creating a single seal around the outside of the unit. These seals have a tendency to leak as a result of wearing out over time and require proper application and use.


Most "waterproof" nano coatings are only water resistant and are not designed for continuous, active exposure to water. Many of these coat only the exterior of the device, creating a temporary protection that can easily wear down and leak over time.

Unprotected, cases and nano coatings explained