Waterfi's Dual Layer waterproofing

Waterfi's Dual Layer waterproofing technology is a patent pending, two-step comprehensive process that completely waterproofs and corrosionproofs electronics on the inside. The finished product is durable, unobtrusive, and long lasting. Insulated up to 40,000 volts, our waterproofed electronics can be continuously submerged down to depths of 210 feet underwater.

Waterfi's Dual Layer waterproofing
Before being protected by Waterfi's Dual Layer waterproofing


Before the process begins, empty space inside the device leaves the electronics exposed to potential environmental threats and water damage. Since most casings and coatings are not designed to completely protect the interior components, water eventually makes its way inside the device and short circuits the vital electronics.

First Layer of the Dual Layer waterproofing


The first layer of our Dual Layer waterproofing technology applied is a thick, rubbery insulator that fills the entire interior of the device and forms a barrier around all of the sensitive electronic components. This barrier protects the device from exposure to water and other damaging elements.

Second Layer of the Dual Layer waterproofing


The second layer of our Dual Layer waterproofing technology adds an extra internal barrier that enhances the waterproofing protection and guards the device from corrosion caused by threatening environmental elements such as salt water, chlorine, heat, and steam.

Why we are different


Most waterproof cases protect electronics from exposure to water by creating a single seal around the outside of the unit. These seals have a tendency to leak as a result of wearing out over time or from improper use.


Most "waterproof" nano coatings are only water resistant and are not designed for continuous, active exposure to water. Many of these coat only the exterior of the device, creating a single seal that can easily wear down and leak over time.


Unlike other companies that do similar internal waterproofing, our Dual Layer waterproofing technology fills the entire interior of the device so that water can never get in and you never have to worry about using it the wrong way. Our two-step comprehensive process eliminates every air pocket and imperfection, giving you the most durable, long lasting, and trusted waterproofed electronics available in the world.

  Other Internal
Nano Coatings Cases
Safe beyond 200 feet deep What our process does    
Device never opened What our process does  
Appearance not altered What our process does  
Waterproofing doesn't wear out What our process does      
Successfully waterproofed more than 1 device What our process does      
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