1. Purchase workouts through iTunes.

  1. Select a workout you'd like to purchase from the iPod Swim Workouts page on waterfi.com.
  2. Click the “Purchase From iTunes” button (if necessary).
  3. Click the Swim Workout of your choice
  4. Buy the album for the workout of your choice
  5. Your workout will now download into your iTunes library.

2. Create a playlist for workout.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. In the top left drop down, select “Music.”
  3. In the left pane select “Recently Added.”
  4. Find your newly downloaded Waterfi iPod Swim Workout.
  5. Click on the album.
  6. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner (“More Options”).
  7. Hover over “Add to Playlist.”
  8. Click on “New Playlist.”
  9. Press “Enter.”

3. Load workout playlist onto your iPod Shuffle.

  1. Plug your iPod Shuffle into your computer.
  2. On the “Summary” screen, ensure that “Voiceover” is enabled.
  3. In the left pane select “Music.”
  4. Ensure the “Sync Music” box is checked.
  5. Choose “Selected, playlists, artists, albums, and genres.”
  6. Scroll down and check the box next to your new iPod Swim Workout Playlist.
  7. Check the boxes next to any of the other playlists, albums, artists, songs, and genres you’d like on your iPod Shuffle.
  8. Check the status bar on the bottom of the screen to ensure all your selections will fit on your iPod Shuffle.
  9. Click the “Apply” button.
  10. After iTunes has finished syncing your iPod Shuffle click the eject button.
  11. Unplug your iPod Shuffle from your computer.

4. Swim with your workout!

  1. Turn your Waterproofed iPod Shuffle to “Play in order” mode.
  2. Put one side of your waterproof headphones on and plug into the Waterproofed iPod Shuffle.
  3. Press and hold the Voiceover Button until the iPod begins to read names of playlists on your Waterproofed iPod Shuffle.
  4. When you hear the name of the Swim Workout Playlist (e.g. Fitness Workout 1) tap the Voiceover Button to select.
  5. The Waterproofed iPod Shuffle will now guide you through your Swim Workout.
  6. Each time you finish swimming the prescribed set of lengths, skip forward to start your rest.
  7. Enjoy!