Great humans often say something like “those that don’t have a plan, plan to fail.” The quote is catchy, there’s a plot twist at the end, and it’s shockingly true.

I’m not a big planner, I love just getting in a car and driving until we find a place for dinner instead of taking the time before I leave my house looking through yelp for a place and making reservations. I love to meander into situations.

Fitness and swimming don’t seem to respond to those that meander unfortunately. To see any kind of results, and spend some meaningful time in the pool you’re going to want a plan, a workout, a goal.

We learned a lot about swim plans and workouts while creating SwimQ. We found there’s some really great swimmers out there cranking out workouts and sharing them for the advancement of swimmerkind. Whether you’re a beginner, triathlete, former swimmer returning to the pool or just looking to lose a few pounds before summer, taking a swim workout to the pool is the way to go. Anything else is probably just a waste of time.

Here’s 4 of our favorite places to grab a Swim Workout before heading to the pool.

Swim Workouts
  • 50 Swim Workouts Blog

  • Difficulty: Beginner
    Triathlete, ironman, painter, philosopher, swimmer, Ruth has tackled a lot in her 80 something years on this planet. She’s also taken some time to gather 50 great swim workouts that are easy but still really interesting.

    Favorite Workout:
    The Swim Pyramid. (We’re suckers for symmetry)
    Ruth also has posted a super helpful 0 to 1 mile swim plan. Perfect for getting started!


  • Difficulty: Medium
    After swimming for the University of Maine Chris Card took a job as a swim coach at Wellesley College and went onto found the Masters program there. Web development is his daytime gig and the 2 passions collide on his site Easy to navigate extensive library and helpful filters so you can find the perfect workout to scratch your itch.

    Favorite Workout:
    Push It The Max. One of Chris’s own submissions, adds some push ups on the pool deck to keep things interesting.

  • 100 Swimming Workouts Blog

  • Difficulty: Medium
    A great collection of workouts by a mysterious author. The workouts build nicely on each other and have a really helpful descriptions to explain the goal of the workouts and includes some tips and tricks for get the most out of your pool trip.

    Favorite Workout:
    Swim Workout #24. A rare kick-centric workout.

  • Masters and Triathlon Swimming Workout Blog

  • Difficulty: Advanced
    Sara McLarty is a college swimmer turned professional triathlete turned elite coach in demand. She’s been posting workouts written for her Masters Swimming group on her blog here for a few years creating a rich resource of swim workouts. Each workout usually has 3 variations A, B and C so you can pick the variation that matches your skill level.

    Favorite Workout:
    Build Me Up Buttercup. Love the challenge of slowly getting faster during the build sets.

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