I enjoy swimming, I really enjoy music. With the chance to do both at the same time thanks to Waterfi, I also get to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures - creating a new playlist. Starting with a blank slate and with my workouts in mind my choices run the gamut. There’s slow songs, fast tracks, classic music and new selections, anything with a good beat that’s easy to swim to.

Here’s volume two of my Waterfi playlist along with liner notes. 17 songs for a swim in the Summer ‘17, from start to finish in my book.

  • "Good Morning Good Morning" by The Beatles
    50 years of Sgt. Pepper’s? This is a perfect tribute for the start of a Good Morning.
  • "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads
    The tune that gets Stop Making Sense off to a phenomenal start does the same for a workout. (Bonus: Jerry Harrison also hails from my town of Shorewood, Wisconsin.)
  • "Pompeii" by Bastille
    When you’re looking to pick up the pace in the water, I’ve found this one to be a hit.
  • "Ray Of Light" by Madonna
    Sure to keep your workout moving. The stereo effect going back and forth between speakers is an added bonus.
  • "I Believe" by R.E.M.
    For me, the banjo beginning is enough to put it on any workout playlist, and the song’s title is a helpful reminder to keep your eye on the prize- in and out of the pool.
  • "HandClap" by Fitz And The Tantrums
    “I can make your hands clap...” I can make you swim laps.
  • "Bust A Move" by Young M.C.
    At 117 bpm a great mid workout shot in the arm. “Don’t just stand there. Get in the pool.”
  • "52 Girls by The B-52's
    This cult pop classic is a short song, high impact. “These are the girls of the USA.”
  • "Heroes" by David Bowie
    Love the line: “I, I wish you could swim. Like the dolphins. Like dolphins can swim…” Perfect for the pool.
  • "I'm Free" by The Who
    The Who must’ve been swimmers, this song captures that awesome feeling of freedom in the water.
  • "Walking On The Moon" by The Police
    Hit the pool early in the morning and you just might get a peek at the moon.
  • "Werewolves Of London" by Warren Zevon
    And speaking of the moon... Really fun song as we head into the last laps of our workout.
  • "A Message To You Rudy" by The Specials
    Don’t call me ska face.
  • "I And Love And You" by The Avette Brothers
    Great song in concert, great song in the water.
  • "Swingin'" by Tom Petty
    An excellent long song best suited for these last laps of a really long swim.
  • "June Hymn" by The Decemberists
    The irony of a song by The Decemberists having an awesome summer song is too good not to enjoy.
  • "Royals" by Puddles Pity Party
    This Sad Clown with the Golden Voice pulls off a great cover and a great tune for a cool down.

There you have it. Seventeen songs in 2017 for your Waterfi workout. What would you recommend? I’m always looking to add new music to my library. Swim on...

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