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Do the Short Cord Headphones come in different colors?

No, they are currently only available in the Waterfi blue color.

Why is the cord length so short?

The 11 inch cord length was designed with swimmers and athletes in mind. We found that a shorter cord helps reduce drag and tangles.

Are there any special care instructions?

Simply rinse off the headphones with fresh water after each use and keep in a ventilated place, like you would any pair of goggles.

How deep can my Waterproof Short Cord Headphones be submerged?

In tests, they have survived going as deep as 210 feet underwater, but due to immense pressure at that depth, your eardrums will thank you for staying within 10 feet of the surface.

Can I take my Waterproof Short Cord Headphones in a hot tub, sauna, steam room, bathtub, etc.?

Yes, your Waterproof Short Cord Headphones are fully waterproofed with sweat, heat, dirt and water filled activities in mind. Enjoy your active lifestyle without limits!

How do I change the earbud tips?

  1. Remove the smooth, rounded, dome earbud tips by gently pulling them at an angle from the plastic post of the earbud head.
  2. Select your desired replacement earbud tip size.
  3. Push and twist your selected earbud tip onto the plastic post of the earbud head until it is secure.

Why do my headphones keep falling out?

Try these tips to create a good seal and keep your headphones from falling out:

  • Make sure your ears are dry and free of debris before inserting the earbuds into your ears.
  • Use the largest size earbud that fits in your ear.
  • Gently push the earbud until it is securely in your ear, but still comfortable.
  • To best accomplish this, gently pull the top of your ear up and back while inserting the earbud.
  • Test the earbud with a slight pull to see if you have created enough of a seal.
  • Try a dab of vaseline around the outside of the ear canal. This can help create a tighter seal and better fit.
  • If needed, place a swim cap over your ears.

I lost or ripped my earbuds, how can I get replacements?

Simply contact us with your order number and we can send you replacements free of charge.

The sound on one side of my headphones is gone, what should I do?

Due to pressure on the waterproof membrane caused by a sharp change in altitude, such as air travel, the speakers can sometimes get stuck. Try these tips to clear it up:

  • Plug the headphones into an audio source and turn the volume up loud enough to determine whether the speakers are working.
  • Tap the earbuds on the palm of your hand with the speaker hole facing down and try to create suction when you pull up on the earbud. The suction should help release the inside of the stuck speaker.
  • If that fails to create a change in sound, knock the earbuds on your palm a few times and test once more.
  • If none of the above works, set the headphones aside and allow them to play at over 90% volume for 2-4 hours. You don't need to be present for this step. If all else fails, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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