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Is this a real Nike+ FuelBand SE made by Nike?

Yes, we purchase the FuelBand SE's from Nike and then enhance each one on the inside with our solid waterproofing technology. Learn more about Our Process.

Are you affiliated with Nike?

No, we are not affiliated with Nike in any way.

How do I know which fitness tracker is right for me?

Consult our handy fitness tracker comparison chart.

How do I know what size I need?

Print out this sizing chart, which will give you your exact wrist size.

Does the Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE track my swimming laps?

The FuelBand SE will award NikeFuel, steps, and calories for swimming. It was not designed to track swimming laps or give a completely accurate reading of activity in the water, however.

Why does my Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE look exactly the same as a regular Nike+ FuelBand SE?

We completely waterproof the inside of the Nike+ FuelBand SE with our solid waterproofing technology so that it looks exactly like a normal Nike+ FuelBand SE, allowing you to engage in any activity without the unreliability of a nano coating or inconvenience of a bulky case. Learn more about Our Process.

Can I charge the iPod Shuffle using a wall charger?

Yes, you can charge the iPod Shuffle using a USB power adapter. However, we recommend only using the Apple adapter, as we've noticed using adapters from other manufacturers can sometimes shorten the overall life of the iPod's battery.

How long does my Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE battery last when it's fully charged?

The battery should last about 4 days with normal use.

How deep can I take my Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE?

Your Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE can be submerged down to 210 feet underwater for an unlimited amount of time.

Are there any special care instructions?

Simply rinse off your FuelBand SE with fresh water after each use in chlorine or salt water and keep it in a ventilated place.

Can I take my Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE in a hot tub, sauna, steam room, bathtub, etc.?

Yes, your FuelBand SE was fully waterproofed with sweat, heat, dirt and water filled activities in mind. Enjoy your active lifestyle without limits!

How do I change the FuelBand SE extensions?

Using the included sizing tool, push the pin into the small hole of the installed extension. Push the pin until you feel the link release. Choose your desired extender link, push it into place on the band and twist to secure it.

My FuelBand clasp is not attaching, what should I do?

Using a small phillips head screwdriver, give the screw on the band a 1/8th turn counter clockwise and try to attach again. If that doesn't work, give it another 1/8th turn. If that still doesn't allow the clasp to attach, contact Nike Support and they will send you a replacement clasp, as this is a known issue.

My FuelBand SE's button isn't working, what should I do?

Connect your FuelBand SE to the computer to see if it simply needs to charge, or needs to be reset. If the Fuelband SE button still doesn't respond after a full charge and restart, please contact us and we'd be happy to help solve the issue.

How do I reset my FuelBand SE?

Connect your FuelBand SE to a computer and it will automatically restart itself.

My FuelBand SE doesn't fit right, can I exchange it for a different size?

If you ordered the wrong size, color, or device, please contact us within 30 days of your purchase date and we can help with an exchange.

Waterproofed Nike+ FuelBand SE Tutorial