6 Waterific Instagramers
2014-09-16 16:54:36
It's no secret that (like millions of others) we're fond of Instagram. Here are some of our favorite Instagramers spreading waterific vibes.
Waterfi Out and About
2014-08-20 19:18:55
We're a group of waterfall gawkers, beachgoers, hikers, and world travelers. Here are some of our adventures from this summer.
A Waterfi'd Englishman
2014-08-15 17:44:54
I guess when you think about it, an Englishman using a waterproofed iPod sounds rather logical. After all, we are the nation with various analogies and some quite literal phrases such as "as right as rain," "it's raining cats & dogs," and my personal favourite "it never rains, but it pours!"
A Kick in the Face and the Determination to Go Forward
2014-08-07 19:25:57
From where I stand on the shores of Mirror Lake, the water appears serene and soft. The kayaks and canoes competing nearby in the Lake Placid International Regatta seem to glide along the surface.
The Kick
2014-07-31 16:52:04
Want to feel like you're really in shape? Focus on the kick each swim workout.
5 Things We've Enjoyed in July
2014-07-31 16:20:52
From Gizmodo's test of the Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite to some of our favorite summer work out songs!
Gizmodo Put the Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite Through Hell
2014-07-25 22:17:18
Gizmodo took the Waterproofed Kindle Paperwhite through the ringer. Here's what they have to say about how it held up against their extensive testing.
Waterfi Story: Quisha
2014-07-18 20:00:00
The opportunity to experience complete free flowing fun is the world of water sports and activities. There's nothing like taking a dip into water be it for a moment of fun filled playing around or an intense workout.
5 Things We've Enjoyed in June
2014-07-01 20:22:11
Developing humanity's greatest achievement to seeing how our office measures up. Here are some of our favorites from June.
How Koalas Can Improve Your Front Crawl Stroke
2014-06-26 19:52:36
If you want to improve your technique and add power to your swim, the next time you front crawl your way through the next lap or set wave, just remember the mighty K-O-A-L-A-S.
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