Reaching New Goals with a Fresh Exercise Routine
2015-10-06 21:13:38
The past few months have reminded me of the importance of mixing up an exercise routine. I wanted to challenge myself beyond my normal swim routine and came up with the following summer goals.
Make Room in your Suitcase for Fitness – Keeping Active on Vacation
2015-08-17 21:47:33
At the end of your vacation, you still want to be able to fit into that cute bikini, right?! With a little planning and an open mind, you might actually return from your vacation in better shape than when you left!
Summer Swim Playlist
2015-07-13 19:56:35
What makes summer swimming even better is getting a chance to enjoy my favorite tunes on my Waterfi. Here are my top 20 favorite songs I currently enjoy while swimming.
The Youngest Ironman Competitor: My Journey to the Finish Line
2015-07-10 16:14:11
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”. . . For eight years, I told myself that I would complete the Ironman Lake Placid. But not just be an average finisher, I would be the youngest competitor.
My Slow Road To Recovery - Part 3
2015-07-07 21:36:21
Whether your way of recovery is swimming, biking, surfing, CrossFit, or anything else, it is important to find something to keep your mind strong.
Teach Your Children (and each other) Well
2015-06-16 16:53:37
What have I learned as a father in the past 14 years - and is there a correlation between parenthood and my fitness routine? Without question. For me it’s about learning, trying to lead by example and. . .
A Lifelong Love of Water - One Dad's Legacy
2015-06-11 15:31:10
My Dad's relationship with the water started out... well, traumatic! As a kid, all of his friends swam. So when three of his Boy Scout buddies decided to swim across Stony Brook in Upstate New York, he gave it a try.
My Slow Road to Recovery - Part 2
2015-06-10 21:26:40
It had been a month since my fall. I was already working out, starting to CrossFit slowly and swim a lot, but there seemed to be a sharp pain...
My Slow Road To Recovery - Part 1
2015-06-04 15:38:59
As I stepped along the cliff line I felt my body become weightless. My feet slipped out from under me and I remember sliding on my stomach, trying to briefly grab a branch before I went into darkness.
Beyond Form and Flip Turns
2015-05-26 21:02:49
I recently celebrated my 6 year anniversary of being a triathlete by going back to where it all began – The Lavaman Triathlon in Hawaii. Six years later, I still can’t do a flip turn. But I’ve come a long way from where I was.
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