Reviewing Resolutions
2017-02-08 19:50:37
Guest author Dan DeWeerdt reviews what he learned from achieving his 2016 New Year’s resolution of swimming a mile-a-day and what helped him stay on track.
A Swim Workout for Every Season
2017-02-07 18:06:45
Whether you’re a triathlete looking for some out of season training tips or a year round swimmer looking for some training inspiration, these swim workouts are a great fit for everyone!
Why is the Swimmer’s Mile Different from an Actual Mile?
2017-02-06 22:04:37
Ever wondered why American swimmers call 1650 yards a mile when it is actually shorter than a true mile of 1760 yards? Or why in the Olympics the mile event is 1500 meters when in reality it is closer to 1600 meters?
Behind The Scenes At Ironman Kona
2016-12-09 17:25:48
Triathletes Ashlea Keene and Cory Sullivan hit the Big Island to bring us a peek behind the scenes of the 2016 Ironman World Championship in Kona
Holiday Gift Guide
2016-12-02 17:54:25
Check out our top holiday gifts picks for the water enthusiast in your life. Whether they’re a bookworm or a fitness fiend, we’ve got you covered!
A Trip of Many Firsts
2016-10-05 20:01:58
Back in December, my best friend Carter made the decision to take on the The Channel of Bones paddle race for the second time...
The Sounds of Ironman - A Playlist to Capture the 140.6 Mile Experience
2016-10-04 21:27:10
Ask any athlete who’s completed an Ironman, and we will tell you that there’s always that one tune that is as much a part of our race experience as hearing the announcer declare “You are an Ironman!” when we cross the finish line.
5 Things We'll Always Remember About the 2016 Olympics
2016-08-24 14:22:28
Check out the moments from the 2016 Olympic Games that we think deserve one last curtain call.
The Benefits of Tracking Your Heart Rate
2016-08-17 14:07:05
​​Do you track your heart rate? Learn the basics on how to incorporate heart rate tracking into your routine in our latest blog.
The 2016 Olympic Games Aquatic Preview
2016-08-04 14:15:05
Ready to cheer on Team USA in RIO?! We have prepared an Olympic Preview of who to watch out for in your favorite aquatic sports.
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