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San Diego, CA 92120
7.11.2013 - About Founder Royce Nicholas

The Story of Royce Nicholas is excited by innovation. Namely, life improving innovation. Born in Northern California, Royce grew to love the outdoors, soccer, dark chocolate, and taking apart electronics. He soon followed his passion for an active life and creativity to San Diego State University. Inspired by the work being done at Pixar and with an eye towards a career in computer animation, Royce enrolled as a Graphic Design major. There he found he really enjoyed the 3D design and aesthetic aspects of the program, and seeking to explore those with a more technical bent he switched to focus on a Mechanical Engineering degree, finishing in 2007.

After several years as an engineer developing products for various biotech firms in San Diego, Royce discovered an application for his desire to innovate through an idea that came to him where all good ideas occur, the shower. The thought of listening to music while showering resulted in the first waterproofed Apple iPod Shuffle. With a focus on freeing people's electronics from the boundaries of dry land, Royce launched h2o Friendly in August 2010, later changing the name to the current Waterfi. Royce took the things he had loved about his previous work experiences and things he had dreamed of implementing at a business and combined them; encouraging his employees to bring creativity and fun to Waterfi, and to also enjoy the active life Waterfi sought to bring customers by organizing semi-weekly company trips to among other thing, learn to sail, stand up paddle board, enjoy the theatre, and hike around his current home of San Diego.