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Who is the founder of Waterfi?

Founder and President, Royce Nicholas, started Waterfi in San Diego, CA in 2010.

How did Waterfi start?

It started in Royce's apartment after he created a solution to completely waterproof the iPod Shuffle for his wife. After he realized how much fun swimming with music was, he collected some friends and set out to spread the word and free more devices to explore the water.

How are you able to waterproof these products?

The process has and is continually being improved. We seal the devices on the inside, completely preparing the components for deep submersion. There's no case, no loss of function, and no special instructions.

Do you have any retail locations?

Yes, come visit us at our home base in San Diego, CA, located at 4593 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA 92120. For the complete list of our current retailers visit Retailers.

What do you offer at your retail locations?

We offer all of our products, waterproofing service, repair service, and process returns and exchanges at our home base located at 4593 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA 92120. Our retailers currently only offer the Waterfi Waterproofed iPod Shuffle and Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones.

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